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Adress : D-100 Karayolu Üzeri No:110 Eşme - Kartepe / KOCAELİ
Phone : +90 262 377 28 21
Fax : +90 262 377 28 22
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Enerji alanında teknolojik ürünler sunan MAXXTEC ile çözüm ortaklığı anlaşması yapıldı.
Türk BOR unun gücünü Nanoteknoloji ürünü Bor Power ile dünyaya duyuran NNT firması ile distribütörlük anlaşması yapıldı.
El aletleri konusunda Almanya"nın lider üreticilerden CIMCO ile Türkiye Ana Bayiliği anlaşması yapıldı.
About Us


Akce Ltd. is founded in 2006 and located in Kocaeli, the second largest industrial city in Turkey.
The areas Akce serves its customers:

Hoffmann Quality Tools 
Akce is the distributor of Hoffmann Quality Tools in Turkey. Since the day Hoffmann-Group was founded in 1919, it continues its activities as a Quality Company and serves customers with a large variety of products.  Hoffmann-Group Official Website:

Gölz Construction Tools and Equipments
Akce carries the quality of Gölz Construction Tools and Equipments as the distributor in Turkey with Core Drill Equipment, Table Saws, Floor Saws, Wall Saws and Wire Saws, Hydraulic-Equipment, Slurry Fox, Diamond Tools, Tools and Accessories.  Gölz Official Website:

Cimco Hardware Tools
Akce is the distributor of Cimco in Turkey which is established in 1827. Cimco serves high quality products to Turkish industry with competitive prices compared to the same quality products. Cimco’ s products consist of hard shell tool cases, tool bags, tool assortments, storage and transport systems, pliers, screwdrivers, assembly tools for screws and nuts, measuring and testing instruments, cable spooling and pulling systems, shear re-stripping tools, saws, tube cutters, screw punches, drills, hole saws, diamond tools, hammers, chisels, spattels, measuring tools, special tools for data network technology, insulated safety tools, personnel protective equipment, plumbing tools, soldering equipment and accessories, workshop and business equipment, pressing tools, solderless cable connectors, wire and ferrules, cable ties, velcro fastener cable ties, screws, adhesive tapes, heat-shrinkable sleeves. Cimco Official Website:

Maxxtec Industrial Efficient Power Generation from Solid Biomass, Industrial Waste Heat as Well as Other Renewable Energy Sources
Akce is the representative of Maxxtec in Turkey. Maxxtec builds systems for electric and heat energy generation from solid biomass and industrial waste heat. Solid biomass or waste heat is used for heating up the closed circuit systems and provides the organic fluid which is generated by high technology to evaporate.  This system provides maximum economical and environmental efficiency to customers.

Waste Container Over Vehicle
For the wastes to be stored and transported in industrial plants, transferable waste container over vehicle systems are manufactured appropriate to the standards and waste types.

Mobile Vehicle Loading / Unloading Ramp
Mobile vehicle loading/unloading ramp is used for loading /unloading products to/from the vehicle by a forklift. The mobile vehicle loading/unloading ramp can be transported anywhere in the plant by the forklift and can be placed to the vehicle where loading or unloading is required, with just one operator. The change of highness of the vehicle up to the loaded or unloaded products is followed by the ramp automatically. By the completion of the loading/unloading, the ramp can be transported to anywhere by the forklift.

Bor Power Nanolube and Marine Nanoboron Lubricant
Tribology is a branch of science and technology dealing with friction, wear and lubrication. According to statistics, an average of 70% of machine’s wear is the reason of scrapping.Lubrication is extremely important in machine construction, to prevent wear and loss of energy. Bor Power Nanolube is used in oils of compressors, construction machinery and equipments, gears etc. systems; Bor Power Marine is used in the oils of ship machines for lubrication perfection.

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